Measuring what matters.

CI demonstrates the contribution of nature to a healthy planet and healthy people by using metrics to monitor and report on environmental and social changes at local, national and global scales.


Using data on the location and extent of ecosystems, and the services they provide to people, CI uses metrics to identify and map important places for conservation attention. These places might include catchments that provide drinking water to communities living downstream or areas of mangroves that protect people living along a coastline from damaging effects of storms.


About Metrics


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Metrics are measurable indicators for documenting, monitoring, and reporting on the state and trends of social and environmental change.


For CI, metrics are instrumental for identifying priorities, tracking progress towards our goals, and communicating the impact of our conservation efforts. Metrics gives us the information needed to make smarter decisions and to demonstrate our contribution to building and supporting healthy, sustainable societies.


CI maintains that a healthy, sustainable society, which enhances social capital, equity and improves human well-being, requires the integrity, resilience and productivity of natural ecosystems and their biodiversity.


Achieving a healthy, sustainable society requires the advancement and strengthening of its three interdependent and mutually reinforcing dimensions: critical natural capital, effective governance and sustainable production and consumption.


Our approach provides knowledge to our programs and leadership on how our investments in conserving natural capital, fostering good environmental governance, promoting sustainable production, and sustaining benefits of nature to people contribute to sustaining nature and its many values into the future.

Think of it this way. If you invested your life savings, you would expect to benefit from the annual returns year after year. Protecting nature is similar to making an effective investment. It provides vital annual returns in the form of income, food, water and more. Yet, humanity spends very little on protecting nature.

Metrics help identify the most valuable places and where we should focus our efforts to maximize the benefits of our investments

Metrics provide information to demonstrate when our strategy is effective and how we can adapt and improve our efforts

Information is powerful, but it is how we use it that will define us.





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